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We are seeking to build a team of dedicated and passionate athletes who are looking to better themselves by training with other like minded individuals. We are continuously striving to offer the best training opportunities for team member which includes group training, training camps and seminars. Group training sessions are coached by professional multi-sport coaches and elite level triathletes.

Camps, Clinics & Training Programs [+]

Cycling Base Camp

February 18-20, 2017

2017 Fit2Train Cycling Base Camp will again take place over President's Day Weekend, February 18-20. Registration will open October 15th for team folks and October 21st for non-team folks. Again this year the camp headquarters will be at "the ranch" but no worries, there is electricity and running water (and even internet). Country roads, hills, cows, llamas, and the fun does not stop after you are off the bike!
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3M Half Marathon Program!

October 30 - January 22, 2016

Coming off your triathlon race season? Wanting to improve the quality of your running? Returning from time off and needing a goal race and a path to get there? Ready to learn how to improve your running as well as your health and fitness? Then this program is for you! You can get a training program anywhere, but running is much more than that--it is about form (where your feet land matters, as do your arms and posture), accountability (you will keep a training log, not just upload data) and learning (we will have relevant discussions after the long run, during and after post-run core work). Training for a race 75 minutes to about two hours in duration allows you to improve speed and stamina and continue with enough swim and bike to improve or maintain in those areas as well. We will run frequently (based on your current activity level), making sure your body adapts to the workload and your energy levels stay above grumpy cat levels. Get fitter, get stronger, get faster!
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Today's Tip [+]
Late Season Ironman Races - If you are wanting to have the most time to train and to gradually build up your training throughout the year choosing a late season Ironman race might be the best choice for you. However, with such a late season race you have to consider that there is a high "burn out" rate. "Burn out" can occur when you have been training for a Ironman race late in the year and build up too quickly and lose your motivation or become over trained. To prevent burnout I recommend setting some intermediary goals s... [+]

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Member Spotlight [+]
Stacy Laninga
How did you get into triathlon? My dad used to do them. His last race was the same year as my first race, unfortunately not the same one.

Why you do triathlons? So I can get funky tan lines.

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon? I'm trying to get back into triathlons. I don't need to try to get away just yet.... [+]

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