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We are seeking to build a team of dedicated and passionate athletes who are looking to better themselves by training with other like minded individuals. We are continuously striving to offer the best training opportunities for team member which includes group training, training camps and seminars. Group training sessions are coached by professional multi-sport coaches and elite level triathletes.

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accountability part 2 - yes, the benefits of a positive peer group are huge, and are part of an athlete's success. but additionally, regardless of whether they have a coach or not, it is incumbent on them not to lose the ability to think, to be accountable--to themselves. it is far too easy to DO all of your bff's workouts, in the process trashing yourself and failing to ABSORB any of the work because you have failed to adequately recover. just like crash diets, crash training will work in the short-term, but leaves ... [+]

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Brian Hasenbauer
How did you get into triathlon? My fraternity brother, Sean Boyd, suggested that we do a Biathlon (Duathon in TX) and the Phili - DC AIDS Ride in our senior year. Did both and had a great time. Decided that I wanted to do the Hawaii...

Why you do triathlons? Originally because I wanted to get as fit as possible and kick everyones ass! Now, just to remain healthy and keep some form of fitness. It's also a great way to train without doing too much of any on...

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon? Get away from it? I spend about 15 hours a day, writing, talking, coaching, working out or hearing about triathlon. Not sure I could get away if I wanted to. We have gotten to visit some cool places a... [+]

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