The 30 in 30 Challenge

The 30 in 30 Challenge officially starts on December 1st and runs through December 31st, which technically gets you 31 days. Feel free to try out the 30 in 30 Log before the start. All data will be wiped clean on November 30th in preparations for the December 1st start.

Challenge Guideline
The challenge is to run a minimum of 30 consecutive minutes each day for 30 days starting on December 1st. You may plan ahead for a run you know you will miss by running 2 separate 30 minute runs the day before, but you should not attempt to make up days that you already missed. Long runs do not count toward future days (If you run an hour and a half as a long run, that does not equal three 30-minute runs!). Go big and try 40 or 45 minute runs!

Racing Credits
We don't want any injuries, so if you are participating in a 1/2 marathon or marathon please take some time off to taper and/or recover. 1/2 marathoners may take 2 days and marathoners get 4 days. Just log a 30 minute run to get credit for these days off.

How To Participate
If you would like to take the challenge simply login and click the 30 Runs in 30 Days button under the "Members Only Sections" and start logging your runs, well first do your run then log it. Talk trash and find out where everyone is running on the message board.

Who's Leading?
The participants below are ranked by total days run and then total minutes. 30 minutes a day will keep you at the top!

suzanne woodling (414 Total Minutes)
13 Days
Jeremy Shoemaker (420 Total Minutes)
13 Days
Edward Trevino (468 Total Minutes)
13 Days
Yolanda Lopez (551 Total Minutes)
12 Days
Chuck Hobbs (1438 Total Minutes)
12 Days
Susana Campuzano (348 Total Minutes)
9 Days
Biegel Macaraeg (397 Total Minutes)
7 Days
Victor Torres (142 Total Minutes)
3 Days
Rich Harpel (60 Total Minutes)
1 Days