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We are seeking to build a team of dedicated and passionate athletes who are looking to better themselves by training with other like minded individuals. We are continuously striving to offer the best training opportunities for team member which includes group training, training camps and seminars. Group training sessions are coached by professional multi-sport coaches and elite level triathletes.

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Eat Breakfast - You should already know to eat breakfast the morning before your long training sessions and a good guideline is .5 - .8 gram of carbs per lb of body weight. So for me who weighs about 160 (give or take) it's about 80 - 128 grams of carbs. That's 320 - 512 calories which for me is equivalent to a Harvest or Power Bar (240 - 270k cal) and a Gatorade (32 Oz = 200 k cal) for about 440 - 470 calories. As the race distance get longer I would move from .5 - .8. So for Sprint go with .5 since you don't ... [+]

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Jill Bringhurst Cook
How did you get into triathlon? Wanted to try something new.

Why you do triathlons? The challenge.

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon? get away?1?!? Whoever gets away from these people? :)... [+]

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