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Tiffani Harkrider Tiffani Harkrider

Business Analyst

How did you get into triathlon?
I was a swimmer through high school and college, and always thought about doing triathlons. It took a former teammate to push me over the edge to buy a bike and commit to my first one! I was addicted immediately.

How long have you been doing triathlon?
Since May 2005.

Favorite workout?
Track, long runs and open water swims

Do you have training partners?
I train alone sometimes, but I definitely prefer to train with another person or a group.

Best Race?
2008 Vineman 70.3

Worst Race?
2008 Longhorn 70.3 (kind of)...I was sick the week leading up to the race, and felt less than stellar by the run. Thanks to a short swim course and strong bike I still PR'd, so I can't really say it was that bad. But it was the first time I fully contemplated a DNF.

Why you do triathlons?
I'm competitive (mostly with myself) and need to have something I'm working towards in order to get my a** off the couch! I'm not one of those people who can workout just for the sake of working out. Plus, I love the comraderie in training and competitions!

What's next for you?
Ironman CDA 2010

Most embarrassing moment doing sports?
Falling on my face during a lunchtime run through a neighborhood near my obstacles in the road; my shoe/foot just decided to not work properly and down I went. Scraped up my hands and legs pretty good and about 4-5 people walking/doing yardwork saw me go down...yet none of them asked if I was ok! :) Oh, up, brushed it off and finished my run!

Running Shoe that you wear?
Brooks Glycerine

What time do you wake up?
5:00 - 6:00am if I'm working out. Otherwise it's usually 7-7:30 when I roll out of bed.

Favorite song to train to?
Depends on the mood and workout at hand!

Out of all 3 sports- which is your favorite?
Not swimming.

What kind of food do you eat during a workout?
Infinit on long rides and gels on long runs. Otherwise just water or gatorade for the short weekday stuff.

Favorite food (regular)?

Spouse/Significant Other?

Other sports interest?
I'll pretty much try or watch anything - College football is by far my favorite sport to watch.

Something that you like to do that is not sports related?
Read, travel, sleep!

Favorite TV show/movie?
Just about any crime drama or medical mystery show that exists (CSI, Without A Trace, all the stuff on A&E, Discovery Channel, etc.) My guilty pleasures are Biggest Loser and Project Runway.

Greatest motivator?
I love to compete, so I always try to have a race on the horizon to keep me focused. If I'm doing a race that I've done before, I also try to beat my previous time(s). I like to see progress! :)

Austin, TX

Interesting fact about yourself?
I had to have a surgical procedure done on my heart when I was 20. I had an irregular heart rhythm that could have killed me if my heart hadn't been so strong from being an athlete! :)

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon?
Have a glass of wine and relax! :)