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Christina Smith

High School Counselor

How did you get into triathlon?
My brother and I were supposed to do our first triathlon together, but I chickened out! Watching him compete inspired me...2 years later! Better late than never, right? Actually, I met a fit to train member at the race and he told me about the awesome program!

How long have you been doing triathlon?
Iron Girl 2008 training program

Favorite workout?
I look forward to the Wednesday night bike ride

Do you have training partners?
Iron Girls

Best Race?
We will see...

Worst Race?
We will see...

Why you do triathlons?
I really enjoy all 3 sports and they are the only sports I can do. I'm not that coordinated.

What's next for you?
Ok, I'm going to sign up for the Toyota US Open and I've been talked into Hotter than Hell

Most embarrassing moment doing sports?
So far, just dropping my water bottle during rides! I said I was uncoordinated!

Running Shoe that you wear?

What time do you wake up?
Whenever during the summer...ahhh Summertime! 5:15 when working!

Favorite song to train to?
She's a Rebel...Greenday

Out of all 3 sports- which is your favorite?
Biking is becoming my favorite!

What kind of food do you eat during a workout?
Clif Bar, gu

Favorite food (regular)?
Mexican, Italian...anything with melted cheese!

Spouse/Significant Other?

Other sports interest?
Watching Basketball

Something that you like to do that is not sports related?
Traveling, reading, walking my dog Ollie, going out to eat, watching movies

Favorite TV show/movie?
CSI Miami, Lost, The Office,

Greatest motivator?
Mom, Dad, Bro

Kingwood, TX

Interesting fact about yourself?

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon?
Travel when I can.