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Sara Cooper

Medical Student

How did you get into triathlon?
I saw one on TV about 5 years ago and added to my life "to-do" list. Horseback riding took up most of my free time until I had to sell my horse last fall, so starting to do triathlons helped keep me busy and was a good outlet.

How long have you been doing triathlon?
Almost a year

Favorite workout?
Open water swims (in warm water only!), long runs alone, and long group rides!

Do you have training partners?
F2T groups, Ryan, my brothers

Best Race?
My first one-Prairie Man Sprint Tri '09! It was pouring down rain, the roads were flooded, someone wiped out in front of me and took me out on the bike, but I had a blast! Was hooked from that point on.. :)

Worst Race?
National Collegiate Championships. I was an absolute popsicle. It was just a cold and miserable experience. I hate Lubbock.

Why you do triathlons?
Its fun! I like always having a goal and constantly challenging myself. Plus I sleep really really well after workouts!

What's next for you?
Buffalo Springs 70.3 and Calgary 70.3 (these are a little too close together..)

Most embarrassing moment doing sports?
My short career in softball when I was 12. I was about a foot shorter than all the other girls and somehow in a very competitive league. I automatically got to walk every time at bat b/c no one could pitch to me :) I made a lot of pitchers cry...

Running Shoe that you wear?

What time do you wake up?
As late as I possibly can. Which usually means sometime between 5:30 and 7:30 to make it to workouts :)

Favorite song to train to?
Both GirlTalk albums :)

Out of all 3 sports- which is your favorite?

What kind of food do you eat during a workout?
Gu, Gu blocks & sometimes bananas..but they usually get all smushed

Favorite food (regular)?
All food! Blueberry bagels, icecream, steaks, grilled cheese, peaches, chocolate....

Spouse/Significant Other?
Ryan Cooper

Other sports interest?
Horseback riding (dressage, jumpers, eventing)

Something that you like to do that is not sports related?
Play with my dog, Genny. And study...

Favorite TV show/movie?
The Office

Greatest motivator?
Trying to beat my older brothers :)

Maryville, IL

Interesting fact about yourself?
I'm the only girl out of four kids.

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon?
Triathlon is my getaway!!