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Jessica Pfeffer

Architect/Urban Designer

How did you get into triathlon?
I like to swim, I like to cycle, I kinda like to run... put them together and... tada!

How long have you been doing triathlon?
Officially, for about a year... I've done some sprint tri's a few times in the last 5 years, but recently decided to dig a bit further in.

Favorite workout?

Do you have training partners?
That's why I joined this group!

Best Race?
Over the course of my first high school season I dropped over 1 min off of my 500yd Freestyle time and at the "Last Chance Swim Meet" came within .02seconds of making the state swim cut. (I went 5:42:43 and the cut was 5:42:41) I can remember the race second for second and have visual imprints of it on my mind. It was one of a few events in my like that was character-defining.

Worst Race?
In many ways- the same race as my best race!

Why you do triathlons?
To stay fit and healthy, to de-stress, and to hang out with cool people.

What's next for you?
Aiming for Toyota US Open- olympic distance and some sprints.

Most embarrassing moment doing sports?

Running Shoe that you wear?
Mizuno Wave Inspire

What time do you wake up?
On average 6ish... but if I am working out in the am closer to 5:15ish.

Favorite song to train to?
Hrmmmm... this is a moving target. Right now I get pretty jazzed to "Blow" by Ke$ha and "Jigsaw Falling into Place" by Radiohead. Kinda opposite on the spectrum- but they both do the job.

Out of all 3 sports- which is your favorite?
Swimming- I swam for USS teams all through childhood and through High School. When I run I am literally a fish out of water.

What kind of food do you eat during a workout?
Gu, shock-blocks, fig newtons.

Favorite food (regular)?
Indian food or Mexican

Spouse/Significant Other?

Other sports interest?
swimming, cycling, and running are enough to keep me busy

Something that you like to do that is not sports related?
I guess I better come up with something for this box.... up until recently I've poured all my free time into getting professionally licensed- but that's pretty lame.

Favorite TV show/movie?
Glee, The Good Wife/movies are moving targets... I really like 500 Days of Summer though.

Greatest motivator?
Family and friends

Omaha, NE.

Interesting fact about yourself?
I was born in Germany but was only there a year so I don't remember any of it.

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon?
Travel- but I don't do it often enough.