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Rocket Thompson Rocket Thompson

I am a CPA and was a tax consultant in public accounting for years until joining Larry Thompson & Associates as Chief Operating Officer in 2002.

How did you get into triathlon?
Same way as many people. In 1982 I watched Julie Moss crawl across the finish line of IM Hawaii and thought "I can do that". Even though I meant I could do triathlons, it turns out I've often "crawled" on the run.

How long have you been doing triathlon?
Raced from 1983 to 1994, then began again in 2001.

Favorite workout?
Rallies for bike training for triathlon. Yasso 800's for marathon training.

Do you have training partners?
Patsy White. Plan to ride with Fit2Train more in 2015.

Best Race?
IM Hawaii 2013! Overwhelmed with the energy and excitement of the World Championships. But IM Brazil 2012 was fastest to date and most fun because it was my first full IM.

Worst Race?
IM Los Cabos. Ugh! Slowest bike ever, but placed first in age group and qualified for Hawaii.

Why you do triathlons?
The people! And the training consistency when I have a goal race.

What's next for you?
Larry and I are both competing in 70.3 World Championships in Zell Am See, Austria on August 30, 2015.

Most embarrassing moment doing sports?
In my earlier years of triathlon, there was a newspaper article featuring me as being "the woman to beat" at Louisiana Tinman (olympic distance) - and several did! (But I did win my age group.)

Running Shoe that you wear?
Saucony Ride.

What time do you wake up?
6:30 a.m.

Favorite song to train to?
Shooting Star (Stu Allen Remix) and Harder to Breathe

Out of all 3 sports- which is your favorite?
Biking, although I tend to run more because Dallas traffic scares me on the bike.

What kind of food do you eat during a workout?
Gels on long runs and Infinit on the bike.

Favorite food (regular)?

Spouse/Significant Other?
Larry Thompson - 40 years in 2015!

Other sports interest?
Whitewater kayaking, ultra trail runs and windsurfing. Larry and I ran the Grand Canyon from the North Trail to the South Trail years ago and I would love to do it again.

Something that you like to do that is not sports related?
Have friends over for dinner and have friends at our place in Durango CO.

Favorite TV show/movie?
NCIS and Flashpoint

Greatest motivator?
Setting a goal, making a plan, and sticking to the plan to achieve that goal. Also, training with friends.

Shreveport, LA.

Interesting fact about yourself?
Passed all parts CPA exam in first sitting. After that, I realized I could do anything I set my mind to do - including marathons and eventually Ironman.

What do you like to do to get away from triathlon?
Vacation at our home in Durango, CO.